About Tolerant Network

TOLERANT is a transnational network aiming to support the regular exchange of good practices, experiences and information related to ground work for integrating women victims of trafficking for sexual exploitation (VoT) in employment and for promoting their economic empowerment.

The overall aim of this platform is the collection and sharing of relevant resources, information, developments about approaches, methodologies and practice to address the needs of women VoT for their labour integration. Its ultimate mission is to promote the provision of integrated and gender-specific services to women VoT to enhance their access to employment and integration in the labour market and society.
The TOLERANT Network Platform is developed for the benefit of a variety of actors and stakeholders from Europe and beyond, who are facing similar challenges with the labour integration of VoTs in their countries.

The TOLERANT Network and Platform are created and maintained by the Consortium of the TOLERANT Project, made up of six organisations working for the support of women VoTs in Greece, Romania, Bulgaria, Italy and Austria.

Our Beliefs and Values

We recognize that trafficking is a multi-dimensional phenomenon

that happens due to the existence of powerful crime networks which are the direct outcome of unequal power relations between women and men, male economic privilege and sexual entitlement and sexual objectification and commodification of women as well as the crime network’s desire for profit making.

We believe that a culture supportive of women’s VoT to access meaningful services is necessary.

We believe that the policy context has to change in favor of victims’ integration in the labor market.

We believe that everyone deserves to work freely and independently without being exploited

We believe everyone has a right to live free from violence.

We are against the re-traumatisation and re-victimisation of the victims through the inability to access quality services.

We recognize that women are most affected by trafficking and therefore they are the priority of our work.

A gender-specific approach, and an empowering victim-centered methodology are at the core of our work

We strive to bring the victim’s perspective in the policy making process always aiming at finding durable solutions.

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