KMOP  is a non- profit organisation based in Athens, Greece. KMOP has more than 40 years of experience in the sustainable development, social growth, human rights protection, social inclusion and policy research. KMOP implements EU-funded projects, focusing on providing Victims of Trafficking with psychosocial support and employability services. Moreover, in order to enhance women’s empowerment, KMOP has established a Social Club for Women, in Tirana Albania, which is addressed to women victims of trafficking, where they can participate in mentoring and employment trainings and other social activities for their empowerment.  

CESIE is an NGO established in 2001 in Palermo to promote educational innovation, participation and growth. The Rights and Justice Unit at CESIE works to promote equality, protect the rights of people, prevent and develop responses to violence and discrimination.

Trafficked women and their needs are at the centre of the organization´s work which has been conceptualized to accompany women through their stabilization process and beyond and assists them in becoming independent. LEFOE-IBF aims to restore the rights of trafficked women, guarantee their access to justice and strengthen them in their scope of action in order to contribute to their empowerment and consequently mitigate vulnerabilities that could elevate the possibility of future exploitation.

AIDRom is an ecumenical organization of founded by five Churches in 1991, acting as a platform for communitarian development and assistance of vulnerable persons.
The organization aims at promoting social inclusion of marginalized people. AIDRom provides services such as social services, socio-professional services, human rights protection, services in the field of refugees and migrants, as well as reintegration of victims of trafficking in human beings and domestic violence.
Within the framework of the TOLERANT project, AIDRom provides individual counselling and service support for women nationals from the third-countries, victims of sexual exploitation or potential victims, with the aim of their integration in the local labor market.
In order to facilitate the integration process on the labor market, we are providing individual career advice through personalized training sessions and mediate the contact with suitable employers.

For more information, please contact us:
AIDRom Multifunctional Center: +4021.212.48.68

Animus Association Foundation provides direct services to victims of violence, including victims of trafficking. The organization runs the National Helpline for Victims of Violence, a Crisis Centre which also functions as a Transit Centre for Trafficked Persons, as well as a variety of psychotherapeutic and social services.  Based on this experience Animus develops activities in the fields of advocacy and prevention, and training of different professionals on identifying and protecting victims of violence.

Differenza Donna  is a feminist organisation of women founded in Rome on 1989, whose aim is to emerge, fight, prevent and overcome violence against women. DD runs women’s shelters and several  help desks, including one shelter and three help desks for women victim of trafficking. 

The European Institute for Crime Prevention and Control, affiliated with the United Nations (HEUNI) is the European regional institute in the United Nations Criminal Justice and Crime Prevention programme network. HEUNI functions under the auspices of the Finnish Ministry of Justice as an independent research and policy-making institute.

HEUNI aims at a fair and just world by advancing humane and rational criminal justice policies and systems in the European region, in line with the Sustainable Development Goals.

HEUNI has more than 10 years of experience in issues related to human trafficking. The Institute has developed guidelines to prevent abusive recruitment, exploitative employment and trafficking of migrant workers; developed training for public authorities and private sector representatives on the recognition and identification of human trafficking; and taken part in national and international discussions on the subject

SOLWODI stands for “Solidarity with Women in Distress”. The foundation for this international human rights association was laid in Mombasa (Kenya) in 1985 by Sr. Dr. Dr. h.c. mult. Lea Ackermann.

Since 1987 SOLWODI is engaged as charitable organisation with 19 specialised counselling centers and seven sheltered housings in Germany for migrant women in distress. SOLWODI Deutschland e.V. offers holistic psycho-social care and advice, sheltered housing, referrals to legal and medical help as well as support in voluntary returns to the clients’ countries of origin.

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