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"Animus Association Foundation
(St. Petka Crisis Centre/Transit Centre for Trafficked Women)"
Address: 85 Ekzarh Yossif street, Sofia
Telephone: +359 2 983 52 05
"Animus Association Foundation provides direct services to victims of violence, including victims of trafficking. The organization runs the National Helpline for Victims of Violence (0800 1 86 76), a Crisis Centre which also functions as a Transit Centre for Trafficked Persons, as well as a variety of psychotherapeutic and social services.
Based on this experience Animus develops activities in the fields of advocacy and prevention, and training of different professionals on identifying and protecting victims of violence"
A 21 Campaign
Telephone: +359 885 237 606
"A21 provides long-term social support service, to victims of trafficking (shelter, health and psychological support, educational programs, etc.). A21 has developed the SAFE project, which provides assistance for survivors who want to return to their country;
A21 operates Anti-Trafficking Hotline – 0800 20 100."
Demetra Association
Administrative Office

Address: 102a Sheinovo street, Burgas
Telephone: +359 56 81 56 18
Demetra Association manages in Burgas and the region several social services for victims of violence and families at risk. It operates as well one of the specialised services for victims of trafficking at the National Commission for Combating Trafficking in Human beings - a Crisis Centre for Children and Persons Victims of Trafficking which provides safe accommodation psychological and social support to the victims.
SOS – Families at Risk Foundation
Address: 21 Sinchets Street, Varna
Telephone: +359 52 609 677
SOS – Families at Risk Foundation operates a Centre for Social Rehabilitation and Integration and a Crisis Centre in Varna. The organization manages a Specialized support services for victims of trafficking at the National Commission for Combating Trafficking in Human Beings in Varna - shelter for temporary placement and centre for support and consultation of victims. The SOS Crisis Centre provides crisis accommodation and crisis intervention as well as legal and psychological support, and educational assistance.
PULSE Foundation
Telephone: +35976 60 10 10
+35976 60 33 60
PULSE Foundation develops programs for psycho-social care for victims of domestic violence, sexual abuse and trafficking in human beings. The organization manages a Crisis Center for victims of violence in Pernik and a Specialized Center For Children Victims Of Trafficking in Sofia (at the National Commission for Combating Trafficking in Human Beings). The team is active in the field of prevention and advocacy as well.
Bulgarian Council on Refugees and Migrants
Address: Office 118, First floor, 76 James Boucher Blvd., Sofia
Telephone: +359 2 427 17 43
The Bulgarian Council on Refugees and Migrants (BCRM) is a platform created for the protection and integration of refugees and migrants, which aims at establishing a fair and efficient asylum and migration system. A web based information platform, it serves as an information source on refugee integration (, and a mapping information system on integration of refugees.
"Bulgarian Helsinki Committee
(Legal Protection of Refugees and Migrants)"
Address: 7 Varbitsa Street, Sofia
Telephone: +359 2 943 4876; +359 2 944 0670; +359 2 943 4405

The Legal Protection Programme operates in a separate office, located at 1 Uzundjovksa Street, 1000 Sofia, tel. +3592 981 3318 and +3592 980 2049.
The Bulgarian Helsinki Committee develops a Refugees and Migrants Legal Protection Programme. It offers free specialised legal consultations, representation and attorney defence. The team is engaged in: representation in refugee status determination proceedings, professional and independent legal defence, defence before the courts and other state institutions, assistance for successful integration, assistance for voluntary repatriation.
"Bulgarian Red Cross
(Refugee & Migrant Service)"
Address: 76, James Bourchier Blvd., Sofia
Telephone: +359 2 81 64 709
The Bulgarian Red Cross is a volunteer organisation which among other vulnerable groups protects and assists migrants and refugees through the Refugee-Migrant Service (RMS). The RMS offers services, financial assistance or assistance in kind to recognised refugees, humanitarian status holders, asylum seekers, stranded migrants and rejected asylum seekers.
Caritas Sofia
Address: Ilinden Residential Area Bl.55, Entr.V, Apt. 47
Telephone: +359 2 920 08 25

‘St. Anna Centre
Address: 93 Antim I Street, Sofia
Telephone: +359 88 850 9837
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"Caritas performs social work for refugees and asylum seekers at the registration and reception centres, and at the temporary accommodation centres, where they work to facilitate refugees’ integration in Bulgarian society. At the “St. Anna” Integration Centre most vulnerable refugees and migrants are provided with money and shelter and individual support in finding the right job. Cultural mediation and Bulgarian courses are available.
A specialized Vocational Training Center has been registered with the organization, offering various qualification courses."
Council of Refugee Women in Bulgaria
Address: 95 Ekzarh Yosif street, Sofia
Telephone: +359 878 136 231; +359 878 136 321; +359 876 766 588
For Arabic speakers +359 878 607 550
For Farsi/Dari speakers +359 878 952 691
The Council of Refugee Women in Bulgaria is committed to aid all refugees and asylum seekers in the process of their integration into the Bulgarian society. Through its programmes for direct work, the organisation helps their beneficiaries, on the one hand, via social mediation, translating and facilitating the communication in legal and administrative procedures, as well as in the process of adaptation to a new system. On the other hand, via humanitarian assistance, refugees and asylum seekers are provided with their needed items, which are donated to the organisation.
"Centre for Legal Aid
Voice in Bulgaria"
Address: 5B, Triaditsa Str., office 226, 1000 Sofia, Bulgaria
Telephone: +359 2 9810779
The team of the centre provides pro bono legal consultations to asylum seekers, refugees and migrants, as well representation in administrative and judicial proceedings at the national and European levels. The centre provides free legal consultations and hold group information sessions for foreign nationals held in detention in Bulgaria.
Foundation for Access to Rights - FAR
Address: to meet them at their office, is necessary to make an appointment.
Tel.: (+359) 2 879 32 80
Foundation for Access to Rights (FAR) provides legal aid to vulnerable persons with financial difficulties, conducts research on access to rights in Bulgaria and tries, through advocacy events and campaigns, to increase the institutional and public awareness, sensitivity and commitment to the need to address systemic problems in access to basic human rights. In addition, FAR shares its knowledge providing training, printed and digital resources for students, lawyers, judges, volunteers, staff of institutions working with refugees and immigrant.
"Foundation for Access to Rights - FAR
FAR administrates the self-help tool for refugees with up-to-date accessible information The website offers instructions in 4 different languages, divided in several categories, such as Working in Bulgaria, Legal Aid, Human Trafficking, Social Benefits; An interactive services map, with contact information about service providers is available. When the information on the website is not enough, FAR provides face-to-face legal aid.-Employers assistance in hiring third-country nationals (issuance of work permits, visas, residence permits) is also available.

          International Organizations

International Organization for Migration in Bulgaria
Address: 77 Tsar Assen street, Sofia
Telephone: +359 2 93 94 774

Address: 40 Hristo Botev Str., fl. 1, Burgas
Telephone: +359 886 177 295; +359 886 177 329

Mobile Protection Team Contact
Telephone, WhatsApp and Viber: +359 884 602 185; +359 884 605 184; +359 892 212 194
Landline: +359 (2) 93 94 774
IOM Bulgaria assists third-country nationals in their voluntary return and reintegration to their country of origin, as well as provides different types of support for the integration of migrants in Bulgarian society. Combating trafficking in human beings and supporting the victims is considered as a priority objective. In this sense, measures for the returning, integration and protection of victims are promoted by the organisation.
United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees in Bulgaria
Address: 2, Pozitano square, Perform Business Center Building, 6th F, Sofia
Telephone: +359 2 98 02 453
NHCRB’s main goal is to uphold refugee’s fundamental rights, through assisting authorities and civic organisations working on refugee protection, and supporting the upgrading of the seeking-asylum protection system. Its principal activities in the country include promoting integration and resettlement policies, combating racism and xenophobia among Bulgarian society for achieving a more positive social climate and formulating diverse border management projects.

          National Authorities

National Commission for Combating Trafficking in Human Beings
Address: 52A, Dr. G.M. Dimitrov Boulevard, Sofia
Telephone: +359 2 807 80 50
"The National Commission for Combating Trafficking in Human Beings works under the Council of Ministers. It determines and administers the implementation of the national policy for combating trafficking in human beings. It works to prevent trafficking in human beings and to protect, assist and reintegrate victims of trafficking. It researches, analyses and reports statistical data on human trafficking. It carries out information, awareness and education campaigns. The National Commission coordinates the National Mechanism for Referral and Protection of trafficked Persons. The NCCTHB manages the only specialized services for victims of trafficking:
• In Sofia – shelter for temporary placement and centre for support and consultation of victims (in one place)
and Crisis centre for children, operated by PULSE Foundation
• In Burgas – shelter for temporary placement and centre for support and consultation (in one place), and shelter for long-term reintegration, operated by Demetra Association
• In Varna – shelter for temporary placement and centre for support and consultation (in one place), operated by SOS- Families at Risk"
Ministry of Interior / General Directorate Border Police
Address: 46, Maria Louise Blvd., Sofia
Telephone: +359 9831865
The Border Police Directorate is a national specialized security and operational-intelligence structure for border control, which combats all kind of cross-border crime, especially human trafficking and irregular migration. One of the DG Border Police duties is to identify trafficked persons and to provide them with information on their rights and to interview them in order to collect useful information for the investigation of the offence and the prosecution of the perpetrators.
Ministry of Interior / Migration Directorate
Address: 48 Knyaginya Maria Luiza Bulevard, Sofia
Telephone: +35929824808, +35929827251, +35929823764, +35929822968
The Migration Directorate was established in order to regulate and control the migration processes of foreigners residing in Bulgaria, and to manage a wide range of administrative services, such as the issuance of visas and residence permits, or the withdrawal of thereof. There are two Special Homes For Temporary Accommodation Of Foreigners (in Sofia and in Lyubimec) at the Migration Directorate
Ministry of Labour and Social Policy/ Employment Agency
Address: 3 Dondukov Blvd., Sofia
Telephone: +359 980 87 19
Refugee employment and training program
"The Employment Agency main functions include the registration of job vacancies and job seekers, the labour mediation of Bulgarian citizens in the country and abroad and of foreigners in Bulgaria, and the promotion of programmes aimed at developing employment and social integration. The Information and Services Centre at the Agency provides advice for foreigners to obtain work permits as well as for employers who wish to hire third country nationals.
A specializes Refugee Employment And Training Program implemented by the regional labour offices in the country facilitates integration into the labour market of migrants with refugee or humanitarian status."
State Agency for Refugees with the Council of Ministers
Address: Maria Luiza Blvd 114B, Sofia
Telephone: +359 2 80 80 901; +359 2 80 80 908; +359 2 80 80 905; +359 2 80 80 902
"The State Agency for Refugees has special competence in the implementation of the state policy for granting international protection in the Republic of Bulgaria. The Agency carries out activities for the improvement of the conditions for integration of refugees in Bulgaria. The Agency manages the following refugee centers:
• One TRANSIT CENTER at the Bulgarian-Turkish border - for registration, accommodation and procedures at the border areas.
• Three REGISTRATION AND RECEPTION CENTERS - for registration, accommodation and procedure in the country (Harmanly, Banya and Sofia)"
National Agency for Vocational Education and Training
Address: 125 Tzarigradsko schosse Blvd, block 5, fl. 5, 1113, Sofia
Telephone: +359 29 712 070
The National Agency for Vocational Education and Training (NAVET) is a specialised body to the Council of Ministers for the licensing of activities in the vocational education and training system as well as for the coordination of institutions related to vocational guidance, education and training. It ensures public access to the information related to the licensed vocational training centres – CVT and the Centres for information and vocational guidance – CIVG.